BBB Anthologies
Thank you for your interest in BBB anthologies. The goal of this anthology will be for money, exposure, and sales. This is NOT a list-aiming set.

We require a writing sample for all who want to be a part of an anthology.

The Buy-in will now be $35 per author. That will be used for ads and formatting. The buy-in is due within a month of signing up unless you speak to us about a payment plan. If you would like to upgrade to include editing, proofreading or promotion please let us know.

You will be responsible for your own editing, and promotion. You must be willing to participate in any hops, or parties that are agreed upon by the authors and BBB.

We do allow co-writes, both parties still need to fill out the form, but only one buy-in is required.

A story must be an original piece and can't be published anywhere else until the three months are up.

Heat Level is up to the author.

Royalties will be sent via PayPal and split evenly between the authors. If there are co-authors there will get one share.

There will now be a %10 management fee

Anonymous part 3 - Must contain BDSM elements. This will be completely anonymous as well and the readers will no know who wrote what until after a give away.
Due to proofreader- 10-1-2021
Due to us- 10-25-2021
Release day- 11-5-2021

Apocalyptic- Can be any genre. Must be apocalyptic themed. Please add a trigger warning if required.
WC 5-50K
Due to BBB- April 30, 2023
Release Date- May 17, 2023

Contemporary VIP Exotic Dancer Anthology- Must be a contemporary with an exotic dancer at a vip club with higher end clientele. Please add a trigger warning if required.
WC 5-50K
Due to BBB- June 1, 2023
Release Date- June 19, 2023

Mafia Anthology- Can be Any Genre or heat level. Must contain Mafia
WC 10-50K
Due In For Formatting- 08/01/2023
Release Day 08/20/ 2023

All Genres Academy- Can be any genre or trope but must include an academy element. Please add a trigger warning if required.
WC 5-50 K
Due To BBB- September 20th, 2023
Release Date- October 1st, 2023

Reverse Harem Steamy Anthology- Must be a high heat level and be reverse harem. Can be any genre
WC 10-50K
Due In For Formatting- 10/25/2023
Release Day-11/05/2023

Proofreading, editing, and promotion can be added if required

If once you have paid the buy-in you can no longer be in the set you must find a replacement as no refunds will be given.
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By typing your name and submitting this form, you agree to: meet all deadlines, maintain communication with status updates and any issues that might hinder your meeting the deadlines, that you declare your submission will be 100% your original work and you will be responsible for any legal actions or fees that may occur if you falsify or plagiarize any part of your submission, understand that this will be published through KDP, Royalties will be split evenly between the authors after the 10% Management fee. All Invoices must be paid in 30 days unless a payment plan is agreed upon. *
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