Another Victory for Writer Beware! WE RULE!!!

You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen!

Kelly O’Donnell/Martha Ivery/6 other aliases has just pleaded guilty in Federal Court to ALL 15 COUNTS OF FRAUD (INCLUDING BANKRUPTCY FRAUD) SHE WAS CHARGED WITH!

Sentencing was set for April 28th, 2006. Victoria and I are planning to be there in court that day.

Folks, this means JAIL TIME. Several years of it. We’re hoping for about five.

Kelly/Martha scammed, as best we can estimate, over 300 aspiring writers out of over half a million dollars. She got paid for books that never came out, books she was “agenting” that were never sent anywhere, a fake writing cruise to Hawaii, mail fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, credit card fraud, and the forementioned bankruptcy fraud.

(Bankruptcy judges take a very dim view of citizens who commit perjury in their court, let me tell you.)

I’ll post more details later, as I get them, but wanted to get this up right away. I have to call the Associated Press, they’ve asked for my commentary.

(doing happy Snoopy dance!)

What a nice Christmas present!

-Ann C. Crispin


  1. hurray for the good
    but whats happening about the childrens literary agency
    theyve ripped me off with a referal to a critique that cost me all in £77 sterling
    how can i get that back now

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