More Martha Ivery

Ann recently did an interview with SciFi Wire on the Martha Ivery case and Writer Beware’s involvement in bringing Ivery to justice. The interview was very detailed and informative–unfortunately, SciFi Wire condensed it to a paragraph within a general article about the case. Maybe we can publish the interview here–I’m going to see about getting permission.


  1. Actually, Jim Fisher, a former FBI agent and former Professor of Criminology at Edinboro University in PA, has done a book on a scam very similar to Martha’s. Jim Fisher’s book is titled “Ten Percent of Nothing: The Literary Agent from Hell.”

    You can find it on Amazon or order it off the publisher’s website, I think. It was done by an academic press whose name escapes me at the moment.

    It’s a really good book, and anyone who wants to understand writing scams and scammers ought to give it a read.

    -Ann C. Crispin

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