The Sun Sets on Desert Rose?

Hi, folks. Been gone a while, due to illness in family.

At any rate, this morning I got a call quite early from a Sergeant John Walker from the Texas police force (yes, I confess I was picturing Chuck Norris the whole time we were chatting!) to ask me if Writer Beware would post a notice to writers who have been scammed by Desert Rose/Leann Murphy to get in touch with him.

Thanks to Victoria of the lightning fingers, the notice went up within the hour.

Who is Leann Murphy? She is the person who runs the scam agency called Desert Rose, currently listed on the 20 Worst Agents list on Writer Beware. Leann, it seems, worked for Janet Kay and George Titsworth of Helping Hand/Janet Kay Literary Agency fame, and learned all of Janet and George’s evil ways. She’s been merrily scamming writers for a couple of years now, charging $250 in upfront “marketing fees” for a 6 month period, or $300 for a year’s “representation.”

Leann Murphy has, needless to say, never sold a book to a commercial advance and royalty paying publisher. She wouldn’t know a real New York editor if she fell over one on the streets of San Angelo.

So…if you are reading this, and you are a victim of Leann Murphy’s, or know someone who was scammed by Desert Rose, please contact:

Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office
222 West Harris
San Angelo, TX 76901
Attn: Sgt. John Walker

His email is:

The Sergeant is a very nice fellow. We had a chat about how cruel writing scams are. Sgt. Walker knows Detective Brian Elkins, of the San Angelo (city) P.D. Matter of fact, Detective Elkins was the one who suggested the Sergeant give Writer Beware a call.

(Detective Elkins was the police officer who hunted down and brought Janet Kay and George Titsworth to justice. After they initially fled, minutes ahead of an arrest warrant, Writer Beware and Preditors and Editors were able to track Janet and George across the great State of Texas by keeping track of each new scam literary agency they started. While being actively hunted by the police, or awaiting trial, they started something like four new scam literary agencies.)

Well, now it’s dear little Leann’s turn. The police have officially opened an investigation into her little scam. Leann, maybe it’s time to get outta Dodge…err, San Angelo?

If you do, don’t start any new scam agencies. We’ll spot you, honey.

-Ann C. Crispin
Chair, Writer Beware


  1. I have been looking for an agent. Leann of desert asked me to send her a copy of my work.. On paper, CD. e-mail etc.. That did not soud like an agent.

    PS. I’m a writer. People pay me to read my work..I don’t pay them.

  2. Someething that really surprises me is the newspaper in San Angelo has not has a single word about the Janet Kay and George Titswroth case, even if they were told about it several months ago and told of a website where the could get lots of info and comments from victims. There are no other newspapers in Tom Green County that might carry such a story.

  3. I googled him but turned up nothing, Sam.

    Sigh…a Texas cop named Johnny Walker who fights for writers…

    Makes me all squishy.

  4. Oh December!! You saw him first! darn!!
    That name is perfect for a romance hero – Can we get a photo, please?


  5. I think I have a crush on Sgt. Walker. Sight unseen. How can you not love a Texas cop named Johnny Walker?

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