Another Update

This is getting tiresome, but…the Twenty Worst Agencies List has been updated again.

We’ve just discovered that Mark Sullivan Associates, also d/b/a New York Editors, has added another d/b/a: Manhattan Literary–apparently an editing/ghostwriting service, but which also claims to prospective clients that it matches writers up with agents.

How do we know? The URL for Manhattan Literary is registered to Mark Sullivan Associates.


  1. I signed up with Darin about a month ago. I never mind when people charge for their services. It often sorts those who are serious from those who aren’t. Darin secured a deal with Headline Publishing and a £30K (with a further phased £30K) advance within a matter of weeks (I’ve never been published before), and has been entirely professional throughout. He’s also a really decent guy too.

    If you want to confirm this, I can be found on and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Kevin Joslin

  2. Wow. Blogger was hijacking comments again, and I just freed them up and saw Mr. Ludwig’s document. I’m off for Labor Day weekend, but will respond when I return.

  3. Wow! At the very bottom of their site they say they also assist the professional writer. I didn’t know there was any other kind…

  4. For Julie:
    The link I offered on Bauer information apparently no longer works but did a few days ago. Anyway, to check this info, go to Hit link on left for “Antitrust and Competition.” In search blank at top right, enter Barbara Bauer Literary Agency. Search results on right of screen will show there are two documents somewhere in the FTC database with that name. However, I can’t get beyond this to find anything more on the document…the search engine at FTC doesn’t make it easy, and I scrolled through about 500 listings a few nights ago.
    As a point of fact, I have also heard, via info from two different literary agencies (including Bauer), that more than 50 “publishing executives” have signed the petition that was to go to the FTC. I am trying to be discreet about info here in a way that seems needed.

    To Michael C:
    A.C. Crispin’s blog entry where Appel is referred to as swimming pool salesman, while narrowly true in that he apparently has done this, seems misleading, though it may not be in the overall context of the post, for seeming to identify him as if this was his main career before Edit Ink. In fact, he has been an author–of whatever quality; if you search under “William Appel Water World” on, you’ll find a listing of one of his books. A.C. Crispin’s identifying Appel as if he had primarily been a pool salesman reads rather like identifying William Faulkner (in a primary-attributive statement) as a postal worker, for his once having worked in a university post office.
    Thanks for your attention.

  5. There seems to be lots out there. I might start my own up. I would call it the Kay Richardson Mega Agency and charge 20 dollars to read people’s manuscripts. This low fee undercuts others’ charges and so I would receive much custom. I would buy a large car and blonde girlfriend. Eventually, I will be listed on this website.

  6. I tried searching for Bauer and an FTC complaint, and this is what I found. Beverages away from the keyboards, please.

    But seriously, is thre anything on the web about this? I’d assume if anyone filed a complaint at the FTC that it wouldn’t be made public until the agency investigated the issue.

  7. You say Writer Beware erred when referring to Bill Appel of Edit Ink as a smimming pool salesman, but the very article you reference says:

    “In addition to the bona-fide agents whom they lined up with the “Mt. Everest” solicitation, they set up a web of fake agents and fake publishers consisting of folks like Appel’s friends, sister-in-law, and a former business acquaintance (Marie DeVito of “Baldwin & Knowlton Books”) from his days selling swimming pools.”

  8. Michael C:
    Put “doc” after the “Bauerdefense” part. This website is a Word document.
    For some reason the blog screen didn’t include it.
    (I’m new to blogs also…)
    Greg Ludwig
    a.k.a. “Bootstrap”

  9. No, I didn’t include the period, and I’m still getting “File Not Found.” I don’t know what’s wrong if others are getting through.

  10. For the FTC link, copy and paste the complete URL. Should bring you page with results of search, including two items for Barbara Bauer Literary Agency. I couldn’t get beyond this when I searched this for a long time, days ago. However, I have info from another source on the FTC petition.

  11. Make sure there isn’t a period at the end of the URL in your browser. That tripped me up.

    Gregory, the link in your article on the FTC complaint didn’t bring up anything relevant. Search engines are funny that way sometimes.

  12. I suppose it must be getting tiresome – but I’m so glad you’re not tired of posting warnings yet!

    BTW your vacation sounded wonderful and I love the photo with you and Ann!

  13. Hmm, I guess he’s smarter than most of the others on the list, but not yet smarter than Boppin’ Bobby since Bobby appears to have come up with this tactic.

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