Meeting a Writer Beware “Ambassador”

Last night I went to a Christmas party at the lovely home of a very famous author I’ve known for years. I was sitting in the chair nearest the door, when it opened, and several folks came in out of the rain, newcomers to the party. As I turned toward them and smiled, seeing them shedding coats and scarves, a nice lady smiled back at me and said, “Hi, aren’t you Ann Crispin?”

Thinking I had met her before at one of the author’s parties, I said, “Yes, have we met here before?”

She shook her head, “No. I recognized you from your recent picture in the Writer Beware blog. Congratulations on the Martha Ivery sentencing!”

What a nice Christmas surprise, folks!

The Ambassador joined my husband and me and we wound up talking about Writer Beware as the evening progressed…laughing over the antics of Barbara Bauer and Melanie Mills, and cussing a bit at Bouncin’ Bobby, while making an earnest wish that 2007 will bring an end to HIS chicanery.

It was such a thrill to realize how far Writer Beware’s message has spread. This nice lady has not only been an Ambassdor, spreading the word to aspiring writers about avoiding scams, she had also helped alert Victoria to several scams that needed to be included in the Writer Beware database.

So…tonight, as I finish wrapping Christmas presents, I plan to lift my glass of eggnog in a toast to all Writer Beware Ambassadors, everywhere, and say, “Bless them, Every One!”

Have a terrific Holiday and New Year celebration, folks. Be happy, well, and safe.

-Ann C. Crispin
Chair, Writer Beware


  1. What would ever prompt you to post lewd, altered photos and videos of Dr. Barbara Bauer,googlebomb them, and then claim them as her "antics?" That is so sick!!!

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