Book Millionaire: Author Reality Show Meets Actual Reality

Remember Book Millionaire, the first-ever author reality show? I blogged about it back in April 2006. The brainchild of Lori Prokop, vanity publisher and purveyor of get-rich-quick schemes, the show was supposedly going to feature authors duking it out on national TV for the title of “America’s next Book Millionaire and best selling author.” Ms. Prokop got as far as persuading a bunch of people to send in video auditions for the show; these were posted on the Book Millionaire website over a period of 10 weeks in April and May 2006. Then…silence.

Thanks to a tip from Lee Goldberg of A Writer’s Life, I’ve learned that Book Millionaire is in fact not dead…it has only been wounded, by eeeeeevil bloggers “who are allegedly blogging false, inaccurate information” not just about Ms. Prokop and Book Millionaire, but about “100+ companies and projects in the publishing industry.” (In case you haven’t guessed, this blog cabal includes me, Lee, a bunch of other skeptical folks, and the Museum of Hoaxes).

At first, writes Lori on the Book Millionaire website, I was very angry and wanted to punish the people for what I saw as attacks. But something deep inside of me looked around at our world and decided we didn’t need anymore [sic] thought forms of anger, hate or violence. Our world is at a critical point, we are either going to make it has [sic] a human race…or not.

To illustrate her point, Lori provides links to a number of articles with titles such as “Rudeness, Threats Make the Web a Cruel World” and “Battling Abusive Blog Comments” (I know a thing or two about that). She then continues:

It took some time for me to make my choice that instead of attacking or retaliating for what I perceived as false, misguided actions of others, I decided to find a spiritual understanding and develop a spiritual action plan. It’s my desire that this experience helps me spiritually grow as an individual and leader.

The result of all this spiritual expansion? “I have learned that anything perceived as an attack from another is an expression of his or her needs.” That’s right: Lori’s travails have awoken in her the understanding that those of us who’ve made fun of her silly reality show concept are acting out of unmet needs. Evidently, one of those is money:

Could it be true that someone is paying for this group of bloggers to blog hate messages about more than 100 companies and projects in the publishing industry that compete with this company? Could this be how the bloggers are paying their bills and feeding their families?…If this is true, I am very sad for their chosen ways and tactics. I wish they had more trust in Divine Source that there exists [sic] other more life-enhancing ways to be successful than trying to hurt others.

In highly spiritual fashion, Lori concludes that All You Need is Love:

I believe Love is the answer to this. What I want in my life is compassion and a loving flow between me and others based on mutual giving from the heart…I envision and have joined a team co-creating an online community of cultural leaders helping people and businesses solve problems, make decisions, create and live from Love and Light in the Highest Good for All.

Lori, that is truly inspiring. I mean it. But…what about the show? You know–the show that 50 hopeful writers took the trouble to create elaborate video auditions for? The show that was supposed to be broadcast on national TV? The show that was supposed to make authors’ dreams come true? Yeah, that show. The show of which there is currently not the slightest sign of actual existence.

Lori claims that she has gone to the blogs of the hateful bloggers and “contacted them to ask for open dialogues.” Unfortunately, she seems to have forgotten to contact me, but I’m sure that’s just an oversight.

Lori, I look forward to sharing dialog with you, and maybe even benefiting from the glow of your spiritual enlightenment. I trust that the writers who sent in auditions will also be hearing from you soon? I’m not talking about your frequent spams offering them the chance to buy your seminars and books and other products (yes, I signed up for your email list). I’m talking about real, straightforward communication about the status of the show.

Thank you. Thank you very much. I’m off to count my blog money now.


  1. Book Millionaire was/is not the world’s first reality show for authors. That was Canada’s Book Television’s Three Day novel contest. Connected to the international Three day Novel writing contest (, the First season featured 12 writers writing novels in a book story during the 2006 Labour Day weekend. I was one of those contestants and it was loads of fun. first Prize was a week-long writing retreat in Banff Canada, plus an excerpt published in a local mag. The show was then broadcast across Canada for eight weeks on Book TV and CLT. It was such a success that a second season was shot for the 2007 labour day weekend with a new first prize of $5,000. Check out for info on Season Two. Wayne A.

  2. This is hysterical. I wonder if she has any idea what she sounds like. Excuse me while I wipe off the saccharine. Oh, yuck.

    Back to reality. Lori, those horrible bloggers were talking about your “show”, not your spiritual feelings. Do you think you could, you know, maybe address that issue when you contact them to have the promised open discussion?

    Incidentally, for such a self-proclaimed loving person, you made some nasty insinuations there. Get a grip.

  3. “Could it be true that someone is paying for this group of bloggers to blog hate messages “

    PLEASE SEND ME CONTACT INFO for that “someone” who’s shelling out all the moolah!

    I so totally want to be one of those bloggers who get paid. I’ve got a mortgage to pay off!

    :dies laughing:

  4. Is this like Second Life? Maybe it’s cyber money? Or is it so spiritual a payback that we can only see it if we channel True Love?

    I’m brave, I’ll go on record: if you scam me, or try to, and I bellyache to you about it, it’s because you’ve wronged me, not because of my unmet needs.


  5. Talk about syrupy sweet.

    I wasn’t a diabetic before, but I’m certain I am now after this sugar overload.

    Can anyone send me an online barf bag, please?

  6. I would’ve been happy to give her a chance, but it’s responses like this, without actual results that show skepticism was the right approach.

  7. Wow, the Kool-Aid comes in new flavors! I’m sure counting your blog money was a very quick process. A profound thank you to the old Persians for the concept of zero!

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