Appeal to Airleaf Victims

Last May–largely as a result of tireless campaigning by writers’ activist Bonnie Kaye–the Indiana Attorney General’s Office filed suit against fraudulent vanity publisher Airleaf and its CEO, Carl Lau. The suit seeks restitution for 120 identified authors (the true number of the defrauded is closer to 450), civil penalties of up to $5,500 per violation, and reimbursement for the cost of the investigation.

In addition, complaints for criminal charges were filed with the Indiana U.S. Attorney’s office. But last week, Bonnie learned that the U.S. Attorney has decided not to proceed with bringing criminal charges against Lau and Airleaf.

I just received this letter from Bonnie, which I’m publishing in its entirety. If you can help by signing Bonnie’s petition to reverse the U.S. Attorney’s decision, please contact her at You don’t have to be an Airleaf victim–just a concerned member of the writer community.

Dear Victoria,

As the organizer of the Airleaf Victims, a group of over 600 authors who have joined together over the fraudulent activities of the now defunct company of Airleaf Publishing in Martinsville, Indiana, I was extremely disheartened and shocked when the FBI informed me on April 3, 2009, that the United States Attorney of Indiana, Timothy Morrison, had decided that our case was not going to be prosecuted by his office. According to Mr. Morrison, our case does not meet the “criminal codes” of Indiana.

When my campaign against Airleaf started in August 2007, I gathered from authors in this country as well as Canada, the UK, Australia, Mexico, and South America concrete proof of money that was paid for services that were never provided. For the 18 months that I helped the federal agencies gather this information, it was very clear to me that according to their codes, as explained to me, I was able to make a case separating what they could construe as “bad business practices at best” from “criminal practices.”

Hundreds of forms were sent to the FBI, Postal Inspector, and Attorney General’s office during this investigation from authors who had hundreds to thousands of dollars disappear with no services. The fraudulence of Airleaf went way beyond book publishing; blatant scams included promises to sell books in Europe on trips that were never taken; selling a cruise to authors that was never booked nor the money returned; selling magazine reviews that were never sent to the magazines; promising to make movies out of books but never turning them into films; and continuing to collect royalties (though not pay them to authors) from Internet distributors such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble long after Airleaf was shut down. This is just a small sample of Airleaf’s efforts to steal money from authors. Your readers can read the list of charges, and some of the stories of our victims, at my website at

Some of our victims spent their entire life savings on these scams. Many of them are elderly or disabled people who were sold a dream that became a nightmare. If Airleaf had no intention of fulfilling their promises, then it was their responsibility to return the money to the authors. No money was returned, but the owner, Carl Lau, certainly enjoyed a plush lifestyle with an airplane and a cabin cruiser from our hard earned money. The Executive Vice President, Brien Jones, was earning a six-figure salary with our money until he decided to open his own publishing company, Jones Harvest. His authors are standing right in line behind the Airleaf Victims, with over 70 documented complaints to date, which you can read about on my website

I am asking the author community to express its outrage and give support to our victims by signing a petition to the U.S. Attorney, Timothy Morrison, which I will personally deliver to his office in June with some of my fellow authors. I have just launched my new website at to publicize this injustice. I am hoping that the good people of Indiana will stand by us as we push to have this decision reversed, so that criminal charges will be pressed against those who cheated so many of us.

The Attorney General’s office filed a judgment against Carl Lau and Airleaf nearly a year ago; unfortunately, he is claiming bankruptcy and there is no money to be returned. That is why criminal charges on the federal level are so important. If they are not handed down, then the criminals will walk away without punishment after taking over $2 million of our money. If the U.S. Attorney’s decision isn’t reversed, predatory publishers will see it as a green light to proceed in Indiana. This is an outrage.

If your readers are willing to sign our petition, please have them contact me at and I will email them a copy.

Thank you such much for your help.


Bonnie Kaye, M.Ed.


  1. Dear Author,

    I am sending you this message to clear up any misunderstanding about my former position at Jones Harvest Publishing. A number of authors recently contacted me and stated they were being informed by the Jones Harvest staff that I was on a “leave of absence.” This is absolutely UNTRUE. I have left Jones Harvest due to my own conscience about their business practices which I refused to be part of any longer due to the distressing information that I became aware of in recent months.

    Please know that it was always my intention to do an honest job for the authors that I worked with. I know how much your hard work means to you. I also know how hard you worked for the money that you invested to receive publishing and promotional services that you expected to be provided—especially when I promised you that the work you paid for would be done. At the time I sold you these services, I truly believed that you were paying for legitimate services that were being provided by the owners of the company. When I realized this wasn’t the case, I made the decision to leave.

    If you have any questions and would like to contact me, please feel free to email me or write to me at or call me at 937-692-5736.

    Donna Hamilton

  2. I was ripped off by Airleaf too. It was for $1289 in services never rendered nor could prove they did, not to mention countless hours of follow-up.

    This is what I purchased – Maximum Impact and Worldwide Wire:

    1.Contact 10,000 Bookstore owners to sell my book to and follow-up

    2.Feature/add my book to,,,,, etc.

    3.Create and implement a Custom Promotion and follow-up with the 10,000 Bookstore owners

    4.Send an AP Press Release to 700 Book Reviewers and Critics nationwide at magazines and newspapers

    5.Personally take my book to stores through Outside Sales Reps nationwide

    6.Set-up book signings

    Thanks for this blog and good luck to all.

    Rich Kay
    Speaker and Author of the book:
    “Small Simple Changes to Weight Loss and Weight Management”
    and the DVD
    “The Secret to Weight Loss Revealed?”
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  3. I’m not in the US, but I’m sending an e-mail hoping I can help somehow.
    These are horrible things, and they happen far too often.

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