MWA Joins SFWA In Sponsoring Writer Beware

More good news for Writer Beware: the Mystery Writers of America is joining SFWA in sponsoring us.

From the official press release:

“We are pleased to be able to support the important work that Writer Beware is doing on behalf of all writers, professional and aspiring, by exposing scams aimed at defrauding authors,” said Frankie Bailey, executive vice president of the Mystery Writers of America, which is giving SFWA a financial grant of $1000 and providing other resources, such as inviting Writer Beware representatives to share their booth at BookExpo and supplying volunteers to speak at writing conferences about fraudulent publishing practices.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to add MWA’s support to the incredible support and backing we’ve had from SFWA these past 10 years. We had a great time this year at the MWA booth at BEA, and hope to be back next year. We look forward to this wonderful new partnership–and hope that other professional writers’ organizations will consider joining it as well.

Our MWA liaison, Lee Goldberg, gives the partnership a shout-out on his blog, and the news has also been picked up by PW.


  1. Sarah,

    In future, you can contact me directly with a question like this, at

    I don't think there's any reason to be suspicious of this contact. Ms. Williams is attempting to drum up publicity for her film, prior to its release (here's the listing on IMDB, so it's a genuine project). I don't think there's any ulterior motive involved.

    On the other hand, there's no reason to participate, either–doesn't sound as if you'll get paid, and since the film is still listed as being "in production," it may or may not actually ever be released.

  2. I subscribe to your blog via email, so I don't comment often, but I do appreciate all y'all do to keep us safe.

    I received and email for my blog and wondered if they were legit. Here's a portion of the email.

    We're looking for articles to post on the "Starting Over" section of our new website, coming this fall. Perhaps you have a compelling tale to contribute or you know other writers who may wish to contribute. The site will promote a new indie comedy/drama, "Phil Cobb's Dinner for Four". We'd like to build a community of readers who can empathize with Phil Cobb's on-again/off-again life. Writers who have an inspirational or entertaining take on some of the pain, heartache, and heartburn they've been through as a result of a break-up, divorce, pink slip, new career, alcohol addiction, cross country move or relocation, may submit. The film is about cherishing the relationships in our lives and living beyond our losses. You can view the trailer for "Phil Cobb's Dinner for Four" on YouTube at

    It was signed,
    Laurene Williams

    Have you heard of her and is she and this program legit? she only gave an youtube and facebook page, and I remember you talking about things like this before.

    Thank you,
    Sarah Jensen

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