Alert: Is Spamming Again

Have you recently received this spam?

Dear Friends,

Do you write?

We’re looking for good-quality eBooks, eZines and self-published articles for our new website!

This is a FREE MARKETING TOOL for you, as we post all material absolutely free for our visitors to read. In return, you may be eligible for profit-sharing from our advertising revenue. Don’t want to give it all away from free? No problem — post a quality excerpt, and include a link for them to buy the full version!

Want to learn more? Check us out at and click on Submit to tell us about yourself!

To your success!

Lisa Davies
406 Amapola Avenue #210
Torrance, CA 90501

If so, you might want to read my blog post from earlier this year.


  1. I got this for the same address but different fake business. Website looks like a 5 year old designed it in 10 minutes or less..

    From: Jen Harris []
    Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 9:57 AM
    To: lotnstore
    Subject: Radio Interview

    Dear Friends,
    You have a business, book or website that's great… but how do you get the word out? Tell your story "on the air" and reach a potentially global audience!
    Global Talk Radio produces 5-minute and 10-minute professional interviews with businesses and individuals for our "In The News" program. Guests have included entrepreneurs, authors, charities and public figures… now it's your turn! The interview is pre-recorded by telephone, and you supply "talking points" to help focus the conversation on what is most important. GTR will also promote you to other media outlets, recommending they consider as a future guest, too! IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!! Promote your business, book or website… and make it interesting for our listeners, too!
    In summary, your interview includes:
    • A professional interview, recorded by phone
    • Your interview is posted on our station's site indefinitely
    • You will receive "honorable mention" on our home page
    • GTR will hyperlink your archive to a website or web page of your choice
    • You can download a FREE MP3 copy of the interview
    • Free! GTR will promote you as a potential guest to 1000+ additional media outlets
    Hurry! Receive a 50% discount if you're one of the first 4 to sign up! (Offer ends Friday, March 30th)
    5-minute interviews… ONLY $99 (regularly $200)
    10-minute interviews… ONLY $139 (regularly $300)
    Sign-up is easy. Please visit us at for details and to apply. (Limited spots are available, first-come first-served. Not all applications will be approved.)
    All the best,
    Jen Harris
    Global Talk Radio
    406 Amapola Avenue #210
    Torrance, CA 90501
    P.S. – Global Talk Radio was established in 2004. You can listen to hundreds of recent interviews at and check our independently-verified traffic and demographics at

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  2. As usual Victoria, very helpful and 'eye opening'-thank you..
    Gees, there are so many ways to scam us, it's a wonder we get anything published!

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