Alert: Raider Publishing International / Purehaven Press

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Raider Publishing International over the years. Founded by a former (and disgruntled) PublishAmerica author, it’s basically a self-publishing service with some added bells and whistles.

Despite what started out as pretty reasonable package prices (by the standards of similar services), and an initially positive review from Mick Rooney at the Independent Publishing Magazine, Raider hasn’t been a company I’d recommend, due in part to its origins in inexperience, but also to an unusually restrictive contract for this sort of service.

Raider’s prices have risen over the past couple of years. Currently ranging between $899 and $4,499, with a menu of costly add-ons, they’re now on a par with many of the Author Solutions brands. Could these increases have been made necessary by the company’s efforts to expand–including establishing a brick-and-mortar bookstore to carry Raider titles? Perhaps. But with expansion, sometimes, comes trouble.

Over the past few months, I’ve begun receiving a steady trickle of complaints about Raider, where before I only received questions. I’m not the only one; as a result of the negative feedback he’s gotten from Raider authors, Mick Rooney has revised his once-positive review of Raider to “not recommended.” Other complaints can be found online–at Ripoff Report, for instance, and Scam Informer (I always take websites like this with a grain of salt, but in this case the complaints are quite consistent, and the problems reported reflect the reports I’ve been getting).

Author complaints include publication delays of up to 18 months (according to Raider’s FAQ, books are published six to eight months after contract signing, unless you pay for a fast-track option; several of the authors I’ve heard from are still waiting for publication and fear their money is lost); quality issues (poor editing, poor design, finished books full of errors); trouble getting royalty statements and/or payments; communications problems (being shuffled from email address to email address within the company, or not being able to get any response at all; several authors say that as soon as they sent in their fees, communication ceased); and broken promises (repeatedly missed publication dates, author copies never received, promised marketing services not provided, substantial delays despite payment of the fast-track fee).

Raider currently has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau–which says more about the BBB’s lack of usefulness for assessing publishers than it does about Raider’s reputation. The BBB gives an A rating by default and doesn’t change it as long as a company is willing to respond to complaints. The BBB does show six closed complaints for Raider–and it’s interesting to note that they show the same sudden complaint surge that I’m seeing. Five of the six were closed in the past 12 months.

Possibly in an attempt to escape the negative press that’s starting to accumulate, Raider has just launched Purehaven Press, which offers very similar services to Raider, both in details and in cost. As Mick Rooney says,

Sometimes it makes sense for a publisher – or subsidy publisher – to start another imprint. The company may be considering a completely new business strategy, or new line of services. But when that new imprint looks to be a mirror of what has gone before, you wonder…

And when the “parent company” is having major troubles, the odds of the baby company being trouble-free are pretty slim. Writer beware.

EDITED 12/13 TO ADD: Purehaven Press is now defunct.

EDTED 7/14 TO ADD: Adam Salviani has started a new venture, Green Shore Publishing, in the UK. See my blog post.

UPDATE, 3/18/15: Writer Beware continues to receive complaints from Raider victims–both in the comments here and in email–and the number of complaints online continues to grow. Also, in a welcome change, the BBB rating of Raider is now an “F.”


  1. Hello Adams
    if your reading this please please please I NEED MY 900 $ REFUND
    I submitted my full manuscript and acceptance form paid this scammers complete price and over 4 years now nothing from this raiders publishing company no reply unable to answer calls, for goodness sake this is my hard earned money
    I need refund of my 900 $ back! I have all prove n  copy of my payment Get back to me as soin as possible. 
    If you have a heart left pls get back to me
    Uju christy Okoye

  2. Anonymous,

    I'd advise you to read through the comments here, where a number of Raider victims report their bad experiences, and to follow the complaint links in my post. That will give you a sense of the kind of experience you can expect if you sign up with Raider.

  3. I have sent my submissions to RPI, they sent me the acceptance contract..after reading this blog i think i should not sign..can you give me a little more info? This is my 1st work..

  4. I published my book "The Monster Within" with Raider in 2006. It is the biggest regret of my life! Even after cancelling my contract, Raider still has my book posted for sale! This constitutes fraud. Raider and it's owner should be closed down and investigated. Why is a business entity that obviously excels in broken promises and the theft of money allowed to continue operating????????

  5. I paid to have a book published with Raider Publishing in April 2009. Nothing has ever been published, they don't reply to emails and still owe me £600. I have published it as an Apple iBook called "Photographing Pembrokeshire by John and Sally Archer-Thomson" in the unlikely event that anyone is interested!

  6. Smita,

    I'm so sorry for your bad experience with Raider!

    There are multiple places you can make a complaint, and I encourage you to contact all of them. You can find links and instructions here:

    As for the BBB, here's a link to Raider's page (grade: F), from which you can file a complaint:

    I suggest you also file a complaint with the New Jersey BBB, since as far as anyone knows, Adam Salviani lives in Newark, NJ:

  7. I have faced the same problems as Dr Shibani. The moment i paid Raider 40,000.00 rupees, the communication became erratic. The book was published in May 2012 without notifying me. I happened to chance upon it on the internet and when i questioned them, the never replied. I did not get my author copies nor the royalty amount till date. I have sent them repeated emails for the past 2 years but they have not replied. The phone calls go unanswered. Can anyone tell me how to complain to the BBB about them. Thank You, Smita Roy.

  8. Hi I have a complaint about Raider Publishing International. I am one of their writers my book is called The Gold Digger by Katie Swan. I signed a contract with them on the 28th of September 2010 and it took them two years to publish my book. I paid for the bronze package plus ebook add on and it was published September 2012 one year later and no free copies of my book no royalties and no more contact with Raider Publishing International. So please authors do not publish your book with them.

  9. Anonymous 8/22–

    I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with Raider. As you can see from my post and also from the comments thread, you aren't alone.

    According to the most recent Raider contract I've seen (from late 2011), you have three ways to get free.

    First, the contract extends for five years from the date of signing–so you could choose to simply wait things out.

    Second, Raider has 365 days from the date of signing to produce the book. Though the contract doesn't automatically return rights to you if Raider fails to fulfill this, I think you could claim default and terminate the contract yourself on Day 366.

    Third, the contract appears to allow you to terminate at any time, as long as you give three months' notice. It doesn't require you to receive a reply, so simply sending the notice should be sufficient.

    I'm afraid it's unlikely you'll ever get your money back. But the most important thing in these situations is to get your rights back–and I think you should be able to manage this.

    If you'd like me to take a look at your contract and make sure it has the same provisions as those I've outlined above, just email me: beware [at]

  10. Dear Victoria and fellow authors,
    I am eighteen and have waited many many years to aquire the funds to finally publish a book.
    I could only afford the basic Steel Package which was 350euro….no small amount.
    The last email I received was several weeks ago and from what I have read of others' experiences I don't expect to hear anything else.
    I am deeply ashamed and hurt by this treachery. But what worries me more is my actual manuscript.
    I have poured my heart and soul into writing ever since I could lift a pen.I have no experience or resources to fall back on in dealing with this scandal. If someone could help I would be eternally grateful.

  11. July 2012 signed contract and paid £1,963 to Raider Publishing as sponser
    for a new author short stories. No contact from them for months,no discussion on presentation of book or expected release.
    What can I do?????

  12. Leanne,

    Thanks for the update. Please keep me posted on your progress–especially, let me know once you have a contact name and email address at the FBI and/or the offices of the Attorneys General. I'll publicize those things in a new blog post.

    Tips for approaching Attorneys General: the best approach is through their Consumer Fraud divisions. In contacting the AG, the thing to emphasize is not that you are an author who contracted with a publisher that breached its contractual obligations (publishing is considered a business-to-business transaction, which AG offices are typically reluctant to investigate) but that you are a consumer who purchased a service from a company that failed to provide it.

    You also need to provide concrete information–such as business or personal addresses for Salviani and Raider–that lets the Attorneys General know that the fraud is happening _in their state_ or is being perpetuated by a state resident.

    Volume is important in drawing attention to these kinds of complaints–so the more complaints, the better.

  13. You will see my comment above about my negative experience with Raider. Here is an update.
    I was in New York a few weeks ago introducing my new children's book series to the USA and associated product line via the New York Toy Fair (my current series is NOT published by Raider). While in NYC I contacted Raider leaving many voice mail messages and sending emails. I suggested Adam and I might meet for a chat where he could (a)give me back the artwork for my book and (b) consider reimbursing me the difference between the platinum package and basic package given I have not received any of the platinum services. He did not respond to any of my requests for a meeting. I then went to his "office" in 5th Avenue which just happens to be the Empire State Building. Of course Adam was not there and we were advised that he is rarely (if ever) at this "virtual office". Raider is indeed listed on the directory with the security guards but it is not a fully functioning business. Just a virtual office they can book into if they need to. The receptionist advised he was actually based in New Jersey.
    I contacted Adam again and suggested he might like to drop off the artwork and a check to my hotel. Of course he didn't.
    I have an attorney writing to him and on stand-by for legal action. In the meantime Geoff (a fellow author and commenter above) and I have both filed reports with the FBI New York. We are also writing to the Attorney General of both New York and New Jersey. If everyone else would like to do likewise they may take notice and follow through. The email address for the FBI is Be sure to mark the subject matter as "Raider Publishing International Complaint – Fraud" and give a quick summary of your dealings with Raider including your name, address and phone number. The more people to alert the authorities the stronger the chance we can make a difference.
    Feel free to email me at


  14. Well, i am almost been driven to a point of frustration at the moment by RPI for similar experiences, but i have decided to wait this month out then i will know the next step to take……my mails have been block, can you imagine- how unprofessional. Oh, God help me, because that project have been in the making for over 4yrs now…took me a lot of sacrifice to raise my money for the bronze contract, only to be treated this way by Adam Salviani who have chosen not to answer my mails after he got my final payment….well, Gd is in control and will fight this one out for me

  15. Adam Salviani,

    If my book will not be published anymore, I want my money back if it is possible. But if that will not be possible. I want my copyright back because I am the author of my book. You should be sorry for what he did to me and the other authors.

    We could have had a good working relationship if you have been TRUE to your promises. I ONLY RECEIVE HELP FROM FRIENDS AND MY LOVED ONES JUST TO PRODUCE THE MONEY THAT I PAID YOU.



    Anonymous, Philippines

  16. Raider authors:

    The complaints about Raider keep mounting, not just here but in my Inbox–I'm hearing on a regular basis from Raider authors who've experienced all the problems detailed in my post and in these comments. I'm as eager to see Raider brought to account as all of you are.

    Please, if you take any kind of action–a lawsuit, a consumer complaint, filing a police or FBI complaint, or anything else–let me know about it. I want to keep track of what's going on. I'll also be glad to share the information I've gathered (though not the names or contact info for writers who've contacted me, unless I get specific permission) with police, lawyers, or anyone else. My email is beware [at]

  17. Hello everybody! I hate to admit it but I'm Into this probable criminal for 3years, $4000 plus another $2000 for a marketing company I engaged in the UK to promote the 2 books I published with Raider. Needless to say all of the above comments about them apply to my situation. I have tried many official bodies to get help with bringing them to justice. I have ordered Raider to repay my fees, all royalties owed and to make an offer of compensation for all the stress and to remove my books from sale. Of course they have completely ignored me and are continuing to sell my work on Amazon and all other outlets worldwide. I have today filed a formal complaint to the FBI I.C.3 division for internet crime, fingers crossed they decide to pursue this villain and bring him to book! It doesn't take long to fill in the on-line form and the more of us victims that do it, the more chance we'll have of ending this man's probably illegal activities. It's not about the money, although it hurts, it's about the principle and saving others from our fate. The whole thing has had some serious repercussions on my health and I believe been a major contributing factor in recent cancer of the bowel I've had to have treated. My wife has kindly payed for me to republish my books with Author House, what a fantastic company to deal with, proper service! I have had to re-tittle my two books and adopt a nom de plume. The first book is Soul Brigade (The Mission of Light) and the second is Soul Brigade 2 (The ultimatum of Light) they should both be available from Author House in March in Paperback, Hardback and E-Book. That's less than three months start to finish! They respond to e-mails the same day, are couteous and professional. My Nom de Plume is Guy Dance. I hope this information helps as many people as possible. I'm a great believer in Karmic justice, but I'm not against a bit of help to speed it up. So please, if you have been wronged by Raider Publishing International, go to the I.C.3's website and state your complaint. This Man must be stopped at all costs, if we all join forces, perhaps we can do it and save others from our fate! Best wishes to all and good luck, Guy Dance.

  18. Hi Victoria, I can write ditto to the complaints here. I say to authors: PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO ADAM SALVIANI to publish your book. I made the mistake of doing so and in August 2010 I learned by googling my own name that he had published my book DIE IN PARIS. He did not let me know. Neither has Adam Salviani paid me any royalties after the first for the first quarter after publication – and then it was only because I fought for the money. Since then:no royalties. Similarly, I had to fight for the 30 free books of the contract. He should not be allowed to continue in business. After more threatening letters from me he has now agreed to free my book. I am still struggling to get him to pay my royalties. This man is not honest! Your book will be a cheap production riddled with printing errors: there will even be printing errors on the cover, and he will NEVER pay you royalties, and he will not reply to your emails and his phone number is unreachable. There is just one thing to do with Adam Salviani and this is to take him to court.

  19. Not wanting to sound critical but why dont you people get off your butts and do something? RPI took my work, published it and are selling it without sending ma any royalties. This has been going on for over a year and now they wont respond to any communoications. They have the IBSN number so can keep publishing the work I spent seven years researching. It is blatant theft.
    So I took them to court in the UK and won but they wont pay up they just hide in the USA like the cowards they are.
    I am now forming a `Raider/Purehaven/Salviani victims group to get them into court in the US. Contact me on and lets put the criminal in jail.

  20. Thanks for all information about RPI. I'd been sent some emails from RPI and I almost gave them money for Marketing package. So, tell me please how can I get information about the accredited publisher all over the world?

    Best Regard

  21. I currently have a complaint in with the BBB against Raider. It is one of the biggest disappointments of my life. They still have the artwork owned by my illustrator, there were major delays with going to print, I went for the Platinum package which cost around $4000 (which means I paid for a whole bunch of marketing, E Book, Audio book, author website, magazine articles, radio interview etc etc) and I got nothing but the basic $900 package plus it took 15 months to publish (contract says 12) and it took 9 months for the books I ordered and paid for to reach my doorstep. In a telephone call prior to my contract being signed Adam promised me nomination for awards. I have seen no evidence of any marketing, awards nominations, press releases (despite repeatedly requesting copies). Plus I have not received the promised quarterly sales reports. I phone them and I email them constantly with no replies. I was sent an email a couple of years ago promising that the new Raider directive was to reply to any correspondence from authors within 72 hours. It takes daily phone calls hounding the poor receptionist before an email finally gets answered. It's been a very sad experience and one that not only affected me but my illustrator and the Australian celebrity who wrote the Foreword to my book as well. The Raider experience has put my brand behind by at least two years. I have requested that Raider refund me the difference between the Platinum package and the basic package given I didn't receive any of the platinum services. I await their response and that of the BBB. Perhaps it's time for some class action?

  22. I have had a nasty gut feel with regards the latest communications from Raider, viz: A. Salviani, putting me under pressure to pay the publicity fee, ahead of finishing the manuscript, and then ignoring the timeline I supplied, and quoting some "validity period" which I have evidently overstepped-which does not appear in the contract nor in any communication to date. Perhaps they have a cashflow problem? That was when I began searching more in depth and found this site. I am beyond appalled at the experiences people have had, and although many companies do get negative press, this is just too much for me to read- heartbreaking stuff. I am not taking the risk and just cancelled/withdrew my contract with Raider.I count myself fortunate not to be proceeding any further with what has taken nearly 4 years of blood, sweat and tears poured into my book.

  23. Thank God I read this, I got their offer to publish my book and was wondering if I should accept the offer as 51% royalty seemed good.But I know now, that's the way to lure customers to come to them so that they can loot them thereafter.

    I'm saved !!!

  24. gnifineFrom Terry McIntyre-Australia I've found Raider International totally useless and unethical. I've waited two years to get my book published and they finally advise that it is on Amazon's website but when I request my free copies I get endless delaying tactics by e-mail, including the recent hurricane!! Prior to paying my money they were all over me like a rash, but as soon as I'd paid my $900 it all went downhill. I would strongly advise new authors to give this outfit a wide berth!! Surely their is a body of people in New York who look into this type of improper activity and take action. Litigation is far too costly for the the average writer.

  25. My dad is going through a traumatic experience similar to what many authors have written here (especially akin to the comments left by the author of "The Tragedy of Kashmir"). My dad is an old man over 80 years old and does not have a lot of money. Raider ripped him off of GBP 500 – or shall I say -raided him. They are an unprofessional company that regularly do not answer emails or calls. They have been ignoring his emails regularly – he started copying me on some of those. They delayed his release by several months and didn't bother to send him notifications of the delay. Now, after the book has been published they won't send him his 10 free copies. When asked, they say – "Oh we sent them already. Didn't you get them? No worries, we'll send them again.". A couple of months went by and still no books. They are not sending him quarterly updates of the number of copies sold etc. – nothing. Of course he hasn't seen a dime in royalties yet. They're a complete black-hole. They took his money and now they just don't want to talk to him. I called them and left them a message in their (claimed) New York office – they haven't bothered to return the call. My dad tried to buy the book from a reputed book store in India and he couldn't even find it there. You know, 500 pounds is a great deal of money in India. I am very disappointed with the way my dad is being treated. Raider seems like a bunch of sleezy scam artists to me. Someone should sue them and get them out of business – to prevent them from scamming further.

  26. It's shocking what authors have been put through by Raider. I have had it mildly, but I'm still pretty upset. At least my book got published and the ones I bought myself got noted on the few royalty statements I received. If I sold any other books, I will never know. The thing that upset me the most was the typos on the blurb on the back of my book and on all the internet sites. When I asked them to fix the internet ones, they never did and that was two years ago. I cannot wait for my contract to expire in November, so I don't have that embarrassment on Amazon with my name attached. I haven't received a royalty statement for about a year and can't seem to get anyone to answer my emails.
    It's definitely not worth it going with a vanity publisher – either self-publish on Amazon or Smashwords or get your book published by a bona fide publisher.

  27. Thank you all for the information. I am totally new to the publishing world and I have received great wisdom from this Blog.
    May you forever find yourselves in daisy fields!

  28. Adam Salviani should be called 'Thief Adam Salviani'. Am experiencing the same problems that other authors are experiencing i.e no response to emails. This happened once I paid all my fees. Just now I do not know what will become of my book, and how to proceed. That guy should be jailed. How can an organisation get away with people's money in day light? Thats money laundering at its best. This case qualifies for UN Security Council, thats international security at stake. He may be using the money to fund terrorism. I call upon UN to investigate this international thief!

  29. Almost exactly what the author of this blog has said, is what I have experienced as an author – from poor communication, proofing which creates more errors than it fixes, lack of marketing, failure to follow up on parts of the contract paid for . . . and so on.

    Initially the idea looks good – as Raider offers lovely royalty rates etc – but remember that 55% of 0 is still 0. They make their money with your initial fees, which amply cover the costs of proofing, printing a few copies etc . . . they only print-on-demand and also only pay out royalties about 10 months after they receive the funds from the sales. They do not push the book in any way – apart from sending a few intro letters to booksellers. The local book outlet which was supposed to be stocking my book had never even heard of it!

    The few books which have done well under their care have probably only done so by accident . . . and then of course they put more effort into those. And believe me, no matter how great your book is it will not make it if it isn't sold properly.

    A definite no-no . . . do NOT waste your money on them.

  30. I had just received an offer from RPI and was thinking of accepting it . I just typed its name on google to see its background when I saw this blog.Thank you for the information 🙂

  31. Over the course of more than fifty years I had been using materials intended to promote conversation between parents and siblings—a vital necessity in this age. Eventually, I put these in book form, titled ‘Pecking Orders’ and decided it might be worth publishing. However, at my age (then 84) I did not want to get involved in the tedious conventional methods reputedly involved. A friend recommended Raider Publishing and insisted on paying the bill. We applied for and obtained their so-called ‘Bronze Contract’ at a cost of US$699 when the exchange rate was appoximately ten-to-one. Their editor, one Adam Sylviani, dealt with my enquiries and supposedly started the publishing process once my payment had been made in full in November 2009. That was when I last heard from him; since then I have been obliged to deal with underlings who give polite assurances on his behalf but to no avail as nothing whatever happens.
    The book was published in September, 2011. I heard of this from someone who’d somehow found the information on Amazon! To date, my promised free copies have not arrived and I was obliged to buy a copy. The book is not available, other than through Amazon or Kalahari. Furthermore, Mr Sylviani continues to hide behind his underlings’ skirts. My intentions to assist with promotions cannot be fulfilled, whether humble or otherwise.
    I recommend reading all adverse comments on this ‘publishing’ establishment before doing business with it. Discourtesy (dishonesty?) is their forte.

  32. My late mother had a bronze contract with Raider.After she passed away it took more than a year for them to put the book on their site.I have not received the author's copies and they have stopped communicating.I must have written a dozen letters to them .But have got no feedback yet .It has been a year now.I am wondering what to do next.

  33. My name is Dr. Shiban K.Kachru. After having worked over it for three years, I sent the manuscript of my book to Raider International for publishing.I paid the required money including an additional sum for getting it published within four months. The book, titled: The Tragedy of Kashmir, was finally published and released for sale on in February 2011, after one year and seven months.I was neither informed about its release nor did I receive any author's copies. My repeated E-mails were either not replied or evoked a response weeks later. When I saw the book, I found it full of mistakes, including wrongly spelled title on top of every alternate page. After pointing this out, I was told that the mistakes would be corrected and the book re-printed. Nothing happened, I wrote a Ripoff Report against the Company, that has now been blocked. After I complained to Better Business Bureau, Mr. Adam Salviani, the company director wrote to me on November 10, 2011, "I propose that we issue your reprint before the end of the year and we can offer you both our 'Ebook publication' and 'Advertising' packages, which accounts for over a thousand dollars in extra promotion at no charge to you, once your book is re-released… I personally apologize for what has happened between yourself and the company." He, however, had the decency to return the four hundred Dollars that I had paid extra for fast publication. Nothing else has been done. My two letters to him were not replied.The company has informed me that 29 copies of my book have been sold from January 2011 to September 2011, I have not accepted the sum of 73 Dollars as my compensation. I know that over fifty copies were sold from one of the outlets in India. Incidentally, the book was on amazon best-selling list in General category for ten days sometime back.
    I possess documentary proof of everything that I have mentioned above. You can have an idea about the truthfulness and integrity of the people running the company from the above. Unless, of-course, they are able to get these comments blocked as they did to my Rip Off report.It amazes me how companies like Raider's can get away with all this.

  34. Dan–I usually recommend that writers start with the free or low-cost services such as CreateSpace or Lulu. Both are reliable and well-regarded in the self-pub community.

    For more info and resources, see the Self-Publishing page of Writer Beware.

  35. Thanks for the heads up. We have been offered a contract by Raider. Do you recommend any similar companies, but maybe ones that actually deliver.
    We were going to opt for their silver package which was about £1300. If you know of anyone, please recommend them.

  36. I am experience a delay of 5 months – is there any way of getting my money back and has anyone ever sued RPI for breach of contract or loss of funds etc??

  37. We have had nothing but delays, mis-communications, and excuses from RPI since signing our publishing contract. They missed their own 90-day deadline (which was 3 months ago) and refuse to grant us our refund. One of the WORSE companies we've ever dealt with and I've published over 100 works in various formats.

  38. Much appreciated! For publishers who seek to build a positive reputation for delivering great value, service, quality, and integrity, I welcome any guidance on best practices or who to work with.

  39. I'm sorry, but BBB accreditation doesn't really mean anything either. Companies that pay for accreditation must meet a few minimal standards, and attest to a number of things that are easy to lie about (such as stating that they don't engage in false advertising).

    Do many companies do this? Probably not. But several scammers Writer Beware has followed over the years have been accredited BBB members. One of the BBB's accreditation standards is to openly identify business ownership; one of the scammers was conducting business under an alias while accredited by the BBB.

    I'm not casting any aspersions on Telemachus Press, by the way–just pointing out that writers should not give undue weight to BBB ratings or designations when they're researching a publisher's or agent's reputability.

  40. Hi Victoria, thanks for all your great work. I clicked on the link in your post and it turns out that company isn't accredited by the BBB. I agree there seems to be limited usefulness in a BBB rating for companies that are not accredited. Why would consumers bother to file complaints with the BBB if a company hasn't made an investment and effort to become accredited? I work for Telemachus Press, a publisher that is BBB accredited. We value the credibility BBB brings, because for accredited companies, it highlights a transparent commitment to a code of business practices, including acting with integrity towards customers. Thanks again!

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