Writer Beware Blog on (Brief) Temporary Hiatus

I’ve got a book deadline coming up: July 31. This is a happy thing, in that my book has a home and my editor is waiting for it and in a month I’ll be done! It’s also a scary thing, because I work least well when I’m under pressure.

I’m putting the blog on hiatus for the next few weeks, in order to concentrate on the final push. If something really earth-shaking occurs, such as Amazon buying Random Penguin, I’ll post about it, but other than that, you won’t hear from me again until sometime in August.

I will still be answering email and continuing other Writer Beware activities, so please feel free to contact me: beware [at] sfwa.org.

In the meantime, have a great summer, and thank you so much for your ongoing support.


  1. I agree with BuffySquirrel, it should be Random Penguin. Also love your picture for this post- "Writing" scrabble!

  2. While I applaude your efforts and hope your book is a complete success and that you meet your deadline spectacularly, I just heard that google was able to overturn the "class action" portion of the suit against them, forcing authors to each sue individually. I was hoping to see your reaction. When you come up for air, I'm sure I'll hear from you about it. Love and Hugs. Hope all goes well.

  3. That's a great deadline to have! Wishing you smooth writing!

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