New Look for Writer Beware

If you’re a regular here, you’ll have noticed our new look!

It’s courtesy of the talented Tiana Smith of The Blog Decorator, who offered to donate a custom blog template just because she thinks Writer Beware is awesome. We’re grateful for her generosity, and thrilled to finally have a design that lives up to our new logo. We hope you like it, too.

Thanks, Tiana!


  1. Very very nice. You should leave "for writers" out of the header though. Yeah, I really like the clean cut lines.

  2. I see our regular troll is still in business…(comment right above BD Wilson's).

    Thanks for all the compliments! Much appreciated.

  3. Love the simple design of a magnifying glass in front of a book, depicting the significance and purpose of "Writer Beware."

  4. Nice job, Tiana!

    Graphic artists who can reduce a concept to its most essential are, IMHO, as valuable as writers who can do the same — and you've done it!


  5. Please fix the typo in Writers' Resources heading to the right. 😉

    Currently says WRITERS' RESCOURCES

    Happens to the best of us!!

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