Alert: Don Semora, “Professional Designer and Author”

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Making money from authors can be good business, which probably explains why so many of those who exploit them return again and again to the trough. Case in point: Don Semora, whose brand-new website styles him a professional designer of book covers, games, websites, and more.  

Semora offers a smorgasbord of services for authors, from book layout to map design to a “self-marketing pack.” His fees start at $60, with rates varying depending on the project. As you can see, the man’s got mad skillz, at least in his own opinion:

Skillsets such as Communication Level and Dedication to My Clients, all rated Awesome, Great, Excellent, Fantastic, and Magnificent

Of course, mentioned nowhere on Semora’s website is the fact that he’s the former owner of Michigan-based pay-to-play publisher 2 Moon Press (now defunct), which was the focus of a police investigation based on dozens of author complaints of unpaid royalties, unfulfilled book orders, and breaches of contract (examples can be seen at the Better Business Bureau website, where 2 Moon Press has an F rating).

While Semora denies being the source of 2 Moon’s problems (blaming them on Melinda Lundy, to whom he sold the publisher shortly before its 2013 demise), he has a prior history of fraudulent activity (including a 2004 conviction for Conspiracy to Commit Larceny by Conversion and Fraud), and has admitted to using 2 Moon Press funds for personal expenses, including vacations for himself and his wife.

Semora is being sued by 2 Moon author Bernard Zeitler for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, conversion, and fraudulent misrepresentation, among other charges. Semora’s attorney recently petitioned to withdraw representation, citing as one of several causes Semora’s failure to pay his bill.

This is at least the third business venture that Semora has established since his departure from 2 Moon Press. Others include an LLC called Fall River Publishing and Graphics, and another called Lightning Forge Games.

It’s my understanding that an investigation of Semora, Lundy, and 2 Moon Press by the Calhoun County prosecutor remains open.


  1. Being connected to or doing business with him puts the customer at risk for financial loss and a reputation risk.

  2. Hello Don. Well, you are currently scamming folks today, and claim to be a veteran to increase your sales. That is also a federal crime.

    1. I am curious why you think anyone who served needs to broadcast they are a veteran? Perhaps you have another motivation behind trying to discredit someone for a 7 yr old article?

  3. I will guarantee that Mr. Semora watches every single one of these sites. I will also guarantee that he joins in the conversation with another identity. He is grabbing at straws to keep starting new businesses. I once feared this man, but he is just a very good con. He has no leg to stand on in filing any suits for slander or anything for that matter. His new so-called book, Soccer Mom will fall by the wayside as well. Thank you for the update on The Book Cover Shop. I will certainly make sure he is exposed so he does not hurt or cheat anyone with that project too. I remain anonymous for safety.

  4. Don Semora has started a new business called the Book Cover Shop. It is on facebook and he seems to be catching lots of new authors there. If he takes an author's money through his facebook site and doesn't deliver a product or there are continual problems as have been documented through the Better Business Bureau with his 2 Moon Press it will be very hard to track him down and get money back from him. Online shops may be the great new scam of the future.

  5. Anonymous – 2 comments from the top, what are people supposed to do when a publisher rips them off? Just walk away and say "oh well." Can't the authors have any recourse? Victoria blog has always been out to help the author in any way possible with information and tips. I hardly think her blog is an agenda out to bring just Don Semora down. Do you read her blog? Or, are you just googling Don Semora's name to see what is being said about HIM? It seems to me that Anonymous #2 is the one with the agenda.

  6. The bottom line is Don Semora took money in exchange for a product that he was supposed to produce for many people. When he could see that he was only producing disgruntled customers because he basically took money in but wasn't producing a product for very many people, he passed the buck on to someone else thinking he could wash his hands of the mess he created and go on and start Fall River Press. He thought he could just start off at square one. Anonymous, who appears to be in Don's corner, you have to admit that even you would not want that to happen to you. You have to admit that when you pay for something, you want what you paid for. If you look at the Better Business Bureau complaints against 2 Moon Press you can see those complaints are aimed at Don Semora not Lundy. Don Semora thought he could put all his blame on Lundy and walk away.

  7. I looked into the Commingling of funds as you Stated Mr. Anonymous. Here is the deal. You can Comingle funds BUT it removes LLc Protection which is why the Civil action has been going forward against Mr. Semora. Upon commingling funds he failed to realize there are specific guidelines that apply to removing any funds for personal use which were not done leaving the LLc as a 'shell' for his personal spending. Thus the LLc is not properly operating with the funds. which reverts the LLc to nothing more than a DBA )Doing Business AS).

  8. Just so you know, Anonymous, Your words are very nasty toward victims. Your commentary seems a bit more than problematic for you as it could be considered slanderous. (Evidence that is sealed proves what you say to be incomplete and potentially false).

  9. Anonymous… Are you afraid to identify yourself? I am close to the case and all I can say is that Friday was interesting. Not to mention that the Evidence is in his own words through deposition and actions during the case. In order to know about what you are saying you would have to be pretty close to the case. The info you share is suspect because of evidence found. FYI I remain Anonymous because of what is going on at this moment with the case. It would seem you are anonymous so you can attack people as rats because of their will to stand up to bullies. Be aware that if the authors are right then you are the person with the agenda. You seem to want to claim over 100 authors and others are in the wrong while one person is not. Identify yourself so your statement can be weighed by the credibility of who you are.

  10. First in the State of Michigan Sole Member llc's are allowed to mingle funds. Second where are all these charges your blog mentions? Finally, seeing the evidence presented, everyone seems to be ignoring the 50 thousand plus dollars Semora gave to Lundy.

    Your blog is just a rag with an obvious agenda. I hope Semora files suit against all these losers, and adds your rat ass to it for your part in this.

    1. Hi Don O Semora. You sure have improved you online image in 2022. Now you don’t have to hide behind being anonymous, you have learned how to create fake IDs and accounts and impersonate people. That comes in handy when someone tries to make you pay what you owe them and you can create a big distraction for them.

  11. He has attempted to start many more websites. Lightening Forge Games became Castle Top Games , LLC. We think he also created The Vibe Spot, Sell Stuff 123, DNT Cleaning Services, LLC, My Friend Spot LLC, DNT Auctions & Sales, LLC. DnT Graphics, LLC, etc.

    However, the scary part of all these businesses is he keeps coming back to book publishing. There is big money there. Sweat Shirts don't bring in the big bucks like book packages do.

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