Scam Alert: RPI Publications, a.k.a. Raider Publishing International

Raider Publishing International, the focus of numerous author complaints over the past few years and one of the companies on Writer Beware’s Thumbs Down Publishers List, is trolling for victims under a sort-of new name: RPI Publications.

I know this thanks to an alert Writer Beware reader, who forwarded Raider/RPI’s solicitation email:

Note the email address. Further evidence of the connection: while RPI’s website never mentions Raider or its owner, Adam Salviani, the packages it offers are basically identical to those offered by Raider. Ditto for the two companies‘ “Why Work With Us?” pages. Here I have to laugh at Salviani’s unintentional honesty in predicting the wretched sales that authors who use his services can expect:

This isn’t the first time Salviani has attempted to dodge widespread online complaints about his companies (Raider currently has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau) by creating alternate names and websites. Other names he has used include Purehaven Press, Parmenides Publishing, and, most recently, the UK-based Green Shore Publishing, which was censured by the Advertising Standards Authority for false advertising.

Salviani filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2014. There is a long (long) discussion thread about him and his various businesses at Absolute Write. Beware!

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