Setting the Record Straight on April 2nd…

It’s rather a tradition here at Writer Beware to make a joke post on April Fool’s Day. I think this is the third or fourth time I’ve done it.

To me the idea that PublishAmerica could actually acquire DISNEY was so patently absurd that the joke would be obvious. Apparently, however, there are a number of folks who just didn’t get it. To those individuals, I apologize for spoofing them, seeming self-centered, conceited, etc.

Just for the record, everything I wrote up until the point where I mentioned Atlanta Nights and Touchstone happens to be true. After that, it was a complete fabrication, cooked up in my febrile little brain, intoxicated by the rites of Spring and a warm April 1st.

-Ann C. Crispin


  1. That was a gotcha. I read it and wondered about the publish America thing. I vaguely recalled the name and thought you had warned against it once upon a time. My memory, while admittedly feeble, was correct and I didn’t snap to the joke. You did good. We just let our sympathy for your plight blind us to the joke.

  2. Gah! That’s my dream- to work with Disney, but in a writing capacity.

    Please tell me that you’ll pay more attention to the ride than the screenwriters did? Loved the movies (at least, the first two), but the ride is (or, rather, was) the original.

  3. It’s too bad your March 28th post wasn’t a joke. I think this decision by Amazon will hurt more than just writer & will result in lost jobs, & business failures. I will never buy anything on Amazon again.

    When will ‘big’ ever be big enough?

  4. You had me there. Great joke?

    Please pull my leg again next year—aging joints need the stretch!

  5. Obviously, Atlanta Nights would make a terrible movie. Everyone knows that.

    Only a television miniseries could possibly do it justice.

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