Scam Alert: Raider Publishing International

In 2012, I posted a warning about Raider Publishing International. Founded by former (and disgruntled) PublishAmerica author Adam Salviani, and presenting itself as an independent publisher, Raider is basically a publishing service (not a publisher) in the Author Solutions mold, with some added (and highly dubious) bells and whistles.

Raider began to become a problem in 2012, with mounting author complaints. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

Over the past few months, I’ve begun receiving a steady trickle of complaints about Raider, where before I only received questions. I’m not the only one; as a result of the negative feedback he’s gotten from Raider authors, Mick Rooney of The Independent Publishing Magazine has revised his once-positive review of Raider to “not recommended.” Other complaints can be found online–at Ripoff Report, for instance, and Scam Informer (I always take websites like this with a grain of salt, but in this case the complaints are quite consistent, and the problems reported reflect the reports I’ve been getting).

Author complaints received by Writer beware include publication delays of up to 18 months (according to Raider’s FAQ, books are published six to eight months after contract signing, unless you pay for a fast-track option; several of the authors I’ve heard from are still waiting for publication and fear their money is lost); quality issues (poor editing, poor design, finished books full of errors); trouble getting royalty statements and/or payments; communications problems (being shuffled from email address to email address within the company, or not being able to get any response at all; several authors say that as soon as they sent in their fees, communication ceased); and broken promises (repeatedly missed publication dates, author copies never received, promised marketing services not provided, substantial delays despite payment of the fast-track fee).

Since then, negative information has continued to accumulate. If you take a look at the comments on my 2012 post, you’ll see many examples, leading right up to this year; another 55 complaints appear at Scambook, and there are more at Absolute Write. There’s a Facebook page devoted to warnings about Raider. Raider now has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. At least one petition has been filed with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. In 2014, the BBC Radio 4 program You & Yours did an expose of Salviani and Raider, featuring an interview with Salviani himself in which he denied the allegations of defrauded authors.

In 2014, Writer Beware added Raider and related operations to our Thumbs Down Publishers List.

In true deadbeat fashion, Salviani has made several attempts to escape his reputation, as well as to resolve his own financial issues. He established several new publishers with different names: Purehaven Press and Perimedes Publishing (both defunct), and purportedly UK-based Green Shore Publishing, about which I posted a warning last year. (GSP is still active, but as a result of an investigation by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, Salviani was forced to remove numerous fake testimonials from its website.)

In September 2014, Salviani declared personal bankruptcy.

He also put Raider on publishing hiatus toward the end of 2013. However, possibly as a result of resolving his bankruptcy case, he appears to be ramping it up again. Last December, Raider pumped out 12 titles in quick succession, and has published one title so far in 2015.

Given this renewed activity, it seems a good idea to post a second warning. Writers, beware of Raider Publishing International.

UPDATE 2/22/17: Following his personal bankruptcy in New York, Adam Salviani moved to Brattleboro, VT, where he soon attracted notice–and not the welcome kind. Two articles, one from independent newspaper Seven Days, and the other from the Brattleboro Reformer, detail the multitude of complaints about Salviani and his various publishing ventures (I’m quoted in both). 

The articles were written because, unbelievably, Salviani decided to run for public office (he lost).

UPDATE 8/12/21: Adam Salviani is now living in Hawaii and working for a medical practice. I wonder if he disclosed any of his previous business ventures?


  1. Same thing in my case,My book 'untold stories'published in 2013.After that he just vanished from the scene but I didn't not try for any advertisement of my book because I knew I am not going to receive any royalty from the cheater. Forget about author's copy but luckily I purchased a book for myself and the only book is with me. We don't know even how many copies of our book is sold. I am from India and wd also try to republish..

  2. Victoria I thank you for your response. I see someone else has taken my title Medieval Destiny. I am working on republishing. 13 years later.

  3. Sherene Maitland,

    Sympathies for your plight–Adam Salviani has defrauded untold numbers of authors.

    The good news is that Raider Publishing no longer exists, and hasn't for some time. That gives you the option of considering your contract void by default, even if you don't have any sort of formal rights termination letter or document. I'd encourage you to go ahead and re-publish, if that's what you'd like to do (though if you approach a publisher, as opposed to self-publishing with KDP or another platform, you will need to explain the book's history, and the fact that the publisher went bust without formally returning anyone's rights).

  4. As an author published by Adam Salviani, my book named Medieval Destiny by Sherene’ Maitland cannot be purchased anywhere and I've lost all rights and the book itself. It’s a hard knock knowing I can never see it again.

  5. Dear Miss Victoria Strauss,
    Many thanks of your Great informations, with regards of the scammed Company of the Famous Adam Salviani. At least, almost all Authors , has to learn and should have to avoid That man. Thank You once again, I am loah nazareno lindo

  6. Hi,Hello everybody? Hopefully , to all my co-authors, after all our very, very bad expériences, having such kind of Publisher which was under the Name of Adam Salviani… Famous to be a crook, greedy, a theft and for sure an international swindler! Adam Salviani is a (Mythomane)This Is the right term to descrive such personality in French – A Person who were fond of lying and even himself, believe's of his lies , and would like everybody has to be convinced of what was he was saying! It Is a syndrome of an incurable sickness of a man.Scientific people knows very well This Word (Mythomane). By the way, I would like to introduce my self, I am loah nazareno lindo- The author of – 27 Years of Marriage, Treasons, Tragédies, Sufferrings, and Sacrifices.

  7. Adam Salviani is a crook, a thief,a swindler! As simply as That! Iam the author of: 27 years of marriage , Treasons, Tragedies, Sufferrings and Sacrifices. Heaven , knows I received not even a cent's from that guy. Though my book was succesful, Just the same. My book was still hanging on differents book-seller on line. My book was being sold permanently , though he doesn't have any legal rights to sell my book, Just after the Breached of contract. My complaint againts Mr
    Adam Salviani , last years of 2011- 2012 , my complet files attached with documents, was with the BBB. Thanks, loah nazareno lindo

  8. Unknown 11/22,

    All of Adam Salviani's publishing ventures appear to be defunct. They have no web presence, and no new books have been published since 2016 under any Salviani imprint that I can find.

    Unfortunately, most Raider books are still for sale by Amazon and B&N (not just by third-party sellers on those sites), and probably other retailers as well. Presumably Salviani is still getting paid for what sales there are, and not remitting royalties to authors…none of which would be anything new.

    I believe that Raider contracts were terminable at will (though it's been so long since I've seen one that I can't recall)–but even if that's the case, it doesn't do you any good if there's no one to receive or respond to a termination notice. The only other options that I can think of if you want to re-publish are to try and persuade the retailers to remove your book from sale (they will not remove third-party listings, but those have no impact on re-publishing) or to consult an intellectual property attorney about your options.

  9. Unfortunately I too have been taken for a ride by this guy. My book had been available for years, then mysteriously went out of print. Suddenly today I am able to buy the book again, which I had to as I had none left. I have had a recent surge of interest in my book from various quarters and I wonder what I can do now regarding my ownership and future sales of the book with another publishing firm. Any ideas anyone??

  10. I was deceived by Adam Salviani, I was so stupid that I sent him 2000 American dollars through western Union from United Arab Emirates.
    But as we say in Arabic "the law never protects the fools"
    I deserve it:(

  11. I to was taken for a ride by this man I waited a long time to get my story published I'm so sadden to see my story been lost to this company I have gotten no answers from him in such a long time

  12. Juliet,

    Salviani filed personal bankruptcy a while back, but I don't think there've been any bankruptcy filings related to his publishing companies. Regardless, I'm afraid that whatever money you gave him is probably lost for good, unless you choose to take legal action.

    If your contract was non-exclusive you can publish elsewhere or self-publish, and you don't have to revamp your book or use a pseudonym unless you want to. But you need to be sure. If you have the contract, feel free to send it to me and I'll take a look. My email is beware [at]

  13. I think my contract was non-exclusive but not sure. What happens now Silviani is bankrupt?

    I experienced most of the probs mentioned. Published under pseudonym. Can I revamp, rewrite novel under my own name or another pseudonym


  14. Thanks Victoria,

    I got valuable information from your blog, and found myself among many writers, getting bad experiences with Raider. I think myself to be lucky for at least my book got published 🙂 While I suffered many of the frauds mentioned.

    Thank you. 🙂

    Viraj Nasare

  15. To Anonymous (re rights)
    Does your contract not have a clause where the rights revert to the author if publication isn't within a specified period? (I know mine does – it's nine months in my case)
    My publisher is only a small independent 'one man' outfit but I assumed his contract was fairly standard (He's not a vanity publisher… He takes the risks).

  16. i just recived an email from Raider publishing calling for new authors to send in their manuscripts to be published…. i hope people are aware that the scam is still going on..

  17. Heneleen Stewart,

    As the process should work, all income from book sales goes to the publisher, which takes its cut and sends the author their royalty share. In this case, it seems as if Raider is simply keeping that share, and not paying anyone.

    Writer Beware doesn't recommends publishers, but our Small Presses page offers information and resources. If self-publishing is what you prefer, I usually recommend that authors start with the free or low-cost services with good reputations in the self-pub community: Createspace, IngramSpark, and Lulu if they want to do print as well as ebooks, and Smashwords, Draft2Digital, and the direct-to-ereading-device services (Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble's Nook Press, and Kobo's Kobo Writing Life) if they want to do an ebook only.

  18. I posted my travails with Adam and Raider some time ago and do not want to repeat them here again. However, Seeing that Raider has forfeited its rights concerning royalties etc on my book "Moses was a Liar" and in the face of continuing sales, where do the royalties go now? Most of my sales have been via Amazon but to date I have not received one cent.Can anyone advise me?
    ALSO: If I wish to publish Edition 3 (Raider has no further rights): can anyone recommend a publisher?

    Pls inbox me at

  19. Anonymous 8/14:

    What you can do depends on whether the contract you signed granted publishing rights exclusively or non-exclusively.

    If exclusively (i.e., Raider is the only one with the right to publish), you cannot publish elsewhere unless you can terminate the contract with Raider. The problem isn't that you'd get in trouble with Salviani–he probably wouldn't notice–it's that a new publisher won't want to publish a book whose rights aren't completely free and clear. Even self-publishing platforms require you to warrant that you can grant publishing rights–which, if an exclusive contract is in force, you can't.

    If non-exclusively (i.e., you can publish elsewhere while publishing with Raider), you can self-publish anywhere, but I doubt you'll be able to find a publisher that will be willing to take you on as long as your contract is in force. Most publishers want exclusive publishing rights.

  20. Anonymous 8/06:

    You aren't alone. I've heard from many authors who sent their money to Raider and never had their books published. Unfortunately, I don't think you can expect Adam Salviani to honor your contract, or to respond to your emails, and he can provide no reasonable explanation because he has none. I'm so sorry for what this man has put you through.

  21. Hi
    As well, same thing happened to me, but i have a new company agreeing to publish my books.
    Do i have to get a release from him before i sign with the new company, he is not answering my emails.
    I already sent an email saying I do not want him to be my publisher.
    I appreciate someone's answer.


  22. I am afraid I have also been taken for a ride by Raider Publishers. What I would like to know is what can be done about it. I am a pensioner and I feel so defeated as I truly believed and trusted Mr Saviani. I have sent several e-mails and to no avail. No reply. I was truly delighted when I was told that my books would be published as I put a lot of effort, time and work into these books. Yet, even though he has not responded to my latest e-mails I still find it hard to believe that he would not honour our agreement which was signed by both of us. Crazy as it may seem I still want to believe that he will honour his side of the contract. That he will come back to me with some reasonable explanation.

  23. I thought I was the only one until I found this blog! Thank you for the warning, although it's a bit too late for me, at least I understand now. Thanks.

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