SFWA Statement on Concerns/Complaints Regarding the Writers of the Future Contest

The Board of Directors of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America have unanimously decided to formally and publicly acknowledge the multiple complaints and expressions of concern made both publicly and privately in recent months by former Writers of the Future finalists who state that they have had negative experiences during or after the event.

As a result, SFWA has formally contacted the WotF administrators, in hopes of launching a private dialogue between our organizations, and ensuring that these concerns are meaningfully addressed. In this effort, SFWA’s goal is to protect the rights of creators, thus strengthening all of science fiction and fantasy publishing, now and in the future. SFWA advises all writers to research carefully before participating in any literary contest.

For more information on contests, please visit SFWA’s Writer Beware page located here: http://www.sfwa.org/other-resources/for-authors/writer-beware/contests/.

Originally posted on SFWA website, December 03, 2018


    1. Victoria – troll is probably a scientologist as contest is loosely affliated with scientology and it is standard practise in scientology to smear anyone who criticises it or anything affliated with it. You can read all about it on https://www.mikerindersblog.org/ ✌️

  1. Victoria, instead of stalking other publishing companies or firms, you'd better clean your own mess. Your life revolves around warning and ruining others, while you can't manage your own.
    FYI everyone, “Writer Beware” is an officially registered service mark of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

  2. for some years I have typed poems to poetry.com and now I cant find them..but I was able to before they vanished I printed all mine and now have hard copies.

  3. "… in hopes of launching a private dialogue …"

    Wrong way around.

    Make it loud, make it public, both to keep them from hiding and help get the word out about what games they're playing.

    With luck enough writers will hear about the stink and not be taken in.

    I know I know, nothing is going to actually change; the 'behind closed doors' is to make us think there's actually going to be some action, 'progress' will be reported, but nothing will change for the good of the writer foolish enough to submit.

    May Your Mileage Vary 😉

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