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Because They Lie

More thoughts on the subject of being pursued by angry agents and publishers… One of the things that the people who’ve been the focus of writer complaints sometimes get worked up about is that Writer Beware doesn’t usually contact them to get their side of the story. As far as they’re concerned, this invalidates anythingRead More

A Change of Pace

Attagirl, Victoria! She’s accurate, she’s thorough, and she’s fearless! She wields the world’s most complete database of scuzzy agents, publishers, book doctors, etc., in the world with the judgment of Solomon and the precision of a surgeon. Writer Beware could not function without her. Well, I don’t have time to make a lengthy post tonight,Read More

A Spiffed Up Site!

Hey, Victoria, welcome! You really spiffed up the site, it looks very nice. Okay, we’ve discussed writing the synopsis. Anything else in the writing area we can help y’all with? Anyone need to check out any agents or publishers before sending a manuscript off? You all DO know to check out an agent or aRead More